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Jeremy & Paul (2005)

The person dies twice.
The first death is a loss of the life.
The second death is a vanishing from all people's memories.

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KILLING JOKE : EMI Remasters (Part 2)
- Fire Dances (KJRE5)
- Night Time (KJRE6)
- Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (KJRE7)

KILLING JOKE : EMI Remasters (Part 2) : PPS, Limited Edition.
- Fire Dances (VJCP68863)
- Night Time (VJCP68864)
- Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (VJCP68865)

KILLING JOKE : EMI Remasters (Part 2) : 2LP
- Fire Dances (LETV017LP)
- Night Time (LETV018LP)
- Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (LETV020LP)

- Love Like Blood [Live] (CANDLE202CD)
- RMXD (Emi Gold 5072882)

Ascension of The Watchers / Numinosum
Treponem Pal / Weird Machine - Raven's Final Recording
why?things burn / Your flowers/ My SOUL...
Neon Hearts / Popular Music [Remastered, PPS, Limited Edition]
V.A. / The Clock Machine Turns You On Vol.2 [2CD]
* SMARTYR: dark mother dub
V.A. / Wicked Lake OST
* Paul Raven unreleased track "Cuz U R Next"

Malicious Damage: Big Paul's Favorite T-shirt HERE.

Let Them Eat Vinyl LTD.: Hawkwind 2LP order now.

13th Planet Records: John Bechdel's False Icons and more.


Ministry And Co-Conspirators / Under My Thumb

Bass - Tony Campos
Steel Guitar [Pedal] - Alien Jourgensen
Vocals - Burton C. Bell

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Happy 2009.


why?things burn : Physical Items

why things burn
from CD Baby notes: Your flowers/ My SOUL...
This album is the most personal to date for Rj. Paul Raven passed away too young in October 2007.”Your flowers my Soul” is about letting go of a true friend and…more than that, a brother. The track “Thank You”, sang with Rj’s unique vocal style and in his native tongue represents being thankful to his friends and remaining honest to himself and to all who have surrounded him in the past few years and thus bringing it all together with a twist of fate in which life and death have come together in a nicely wrapped gesture. You cannot fake fate.

why?things burn:

T.O.N. Records:

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- Your flowers/ My SOUL... (2008)
- Your Flowers EP (2005)
- before you sleep... (1998)


why?things burn wrote:
The Raven Stomp Box is superb! its all over our new cd,,,


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ATTACK : FOR THE BENEFIT OF A FRIEND WITH CANCER: Attack : For The Benefit Of A Friend With Cancer

Very Good.