Treponem Pal - new album "Weird Machine" - Out Now

Treponem Pal New Album - March 2008

Treponem Pal "Weird Machine (POSH 101)"

Track List:
1. Dirty Dance
2. Planet Crash
3. Unclean
4. Hardcore Massive Soldier
5. The Mad Box
6. Sonic Life
7. Freak Machine
8. Human Attack
9. Evil Angel
10. One More Time
11. Never Give Up
12. Revolutionist (bonus track)
13. Religion (bonus track)
14. Manimal (bonus track)

Paul Raven play bass on
1, 8, 12

Ted Parsons play drums on
1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

"Hardcore Massive Soldier"
feat. Daniel Raven and the others on backing vocal


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This title will be released on April 28, 2008.

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Treponem Pal's new song "Dirty Dance"
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Treponem Pal "Weird Machine (POSH 101)" Track List:
1. Dirty dance
2. Planet crash
3. Unclean
4. Hardcore massive soldier
5. Mad box
6. Sonic life
7. Freak machine
8. human attack
9. Evil angel
10. One more time
11. Never give up
12. The revolutionist (bonus track)
13. Religion (bonus track)
14. Manimal (bonus track)

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Treponem Pal's new song "Planet Crash"
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TREPONEM PAL release their new album 'Weird machine' to LISTENABLE records in Europe on the 24th of March.
With several cult albums critically and internationally acclaimed under its belt, a pioneer's career and various punchy collaborations (Young Gods, Nine Inch Nails, Prong, Ministry, Faith No More...), the Parisian precursor of groovy industrial-metal carbonizes the record industry with a new lp mixed with napalm. Recorded in Geneva, produced by David Weber and written by Marco Neves (vocals, development), Didier B. (keyboards, samplers), Polak (guitars) and the late Paul Raven (eminent bass player of Killing Joke, Godflesh, Pigface, Murder Inc ., Prong, Ministry), the ballistic missile plans to collide our boomers in April 2008.
Industrially toxic, metallic, electronic, ethnic, electric, psychedelic, hypnotic and always more eclectic, Treponem Pal signs with this noxious "Weird Machine" a proper declaration of war. A urban time bomb of a manifesto, pure weapon of massive destruction and distraction seriously dangerous and open minded. A sonic stream roller to check on stage during the European tour, already planned this year.

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CD audio (24 mars 2008) ASIN : B00133FOMM

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Reunited TREPONEM PAL To Release 'Weird Machine' In March


from Wikipedia: Treponem Pal
Treponem Pal is returning with a new album, due in March 2008, entitled "Weird Machine". The album features Ted Parsons (from Swans and Prong) on drums and Paul Raven (from Killing Joke, Ministry and Prong) on bass, though tragically Raven suffered heart failure and died while collaborating with the band. The album combines their earlier ultra-aggresive sound with more "rock" pieces as well as some "industrial ballads".

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