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# [Info] 9.27 KILLING JOKE "Absolute Dissent"
# Killing Joke "In Excelsis EP" Out Now
# Killing Joke 2010: Calendar Of Fools

# 7.31 InMusic Festival 2010 (China)

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Whatever happened to the heroes?
No more Spinefarm Records any more.
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Where's My Gems of Power?
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Happy Birthday

Paul Raven RIP
Photo: Jerry "Wolfman" Kandiah* (TRIBAZIK)
* "Hosannas from the Basements of Hell" Recording Engineer

08/23 : John Bechdel (False Icons, Ascension Of The Watchers)
10/15 : Alex Paterson (The Orb)
11/13 : Troy Gregory (ex-The Dirtbombs, ex-Flotsam and Jetsam)
12/18 : Geordie Walker
12/27 : Martin "Youth" Glover
12/27 : Ted Parsons (Jesu, NIC, ex-Godflesh, ex-Prong, ex-Swans)
01/01 : Andy Gill (Gang Of Four)
01/09 : Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
01/14 : Dave Grohl (ex-Nirvana)
01/16 : Paul Raven (R.I.P)
01/27 : Ben Calvert
02/08 : Paul Barker (U.S.S.A., ex-Ministry)
02/19 : Burton C. Bell (Ascension Of The Watchers, Fear Factory)
02/26 : Jaz Coleman
03/31 : Big Paul Ferguson

Reza, Kneill & Mr. TRIBAZIK.
Happy Birthday.


7.22 Warm Leatherette at Madame Jojo's+

[News] 9.28 Luc Van Acker's RevCo World opening act for KJ [check]
7.23 Vertical Smile + Viv Albertine at The George Tavern
Viv Albertine: Web | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Wiki

Youth wrote:
Excited !!! Two Vertical Smile gigs this week freaks! thurs 22nd july madam jo jo soho fri 23 rd july george Tavern Hoxton with viv Albertin [check]

[Info] 7.23 "Viv plays on a bill with Youth from Killing Joke" [GO]
VERTICAL SMILE, VIV ALBERTINE, BLUE ON BLUE @ The George Tavern, 19.00, £5adv £6door
'Youth, founding member and bassist of legendary punk band KILLING JOKE is our special guest curator for the evening... Youth is also frontman and bassist in VERTICAL SMILE who will perform live this evening... He is also an extremely talented artist, illustrator and painter and will be exhibiting his paintings to the public for the first time ever.' Private view from 19.00, music from 21.00 [London Gigs, July 2010]

Flesh Ep: Viv Albertine: Amazon.co.uk: Music


Warm Leatherette, Thursday 22nd July at Madame Jojo's

[Info] Warm Leatherette, Thursday 22nd July at Madame Jojo's
The launch of a new night of live Post-Punk hedonism from the creators of Electrogogo!

Frankie D is famous as the curator and resident DJ of many long-running cult Electro nights including of course the iconic Electrogogo, which packed in the crowds at Madame Jojo's, to which he returns with his brand new live music night Warm Leatherette, featuring a host of Post-Punk and Electro bands and DJs.

The opening night has as its theme an homage to the legendary Killing Joke, and celebrates all things electronic, synth, gothic and alternative. Three of the bands have a Killing Joke connection: opening act Tribazik have supported Killing Joke several times and their debut album features vocals from Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman. Inertia are joined by Killing Joke's keyboard player Reza; and finally, topping the bill is legendary Killing Joke bassist Youth's side project, the fantastic turbo-charged Vertical Smile.

Vertical Smile (Onstage approximately midnight)
Inertia (Onstage approximately 9pm)
Tribazik (Onstage at 8.15pm)

Warm Leatherette: Thursday 22nd July
Doors: 7.30pm-3am
£8 in advance from www.flagpromotions.com or www.ticketweb.co.uk
(Club only from 11pm, £5 advance/with flyer, £6 door (Inc. Vertical Smile)

More Info: Madame Jojo's

TRIBAZIK (Jerry Kandiah, Hedge Seel, Sabrina) wrote:
Anyone coming tomorrow (7.22*) and wanting to take pictures of the gig, feel free... we'll happily put them up. [check]

Inertia wrote:
Due to a band medical emergency, Inertia will be unable to perform tonight at Madame Jojo's. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but had no choice. If your name is on our guest list, it will still be on the door, should you wish to still attend. Thanks. Inertia [check]

Nemesis To Go - Warm Leatherette @ Madame Jojo's, London


[Info] 10.1 KILLING JOKE new album out in Deutschland [check]
[Malicious Rumor] Vertical Smile EP coming soon?
[News] 11.19 Malicious Night @ The Bull & Gate (London)
[Info] Purchase "In Excelsis CD" [check]
[BIG NEWS] 9.27 KILLING JOKE "Absolute Dissent" [change]
[News] 9.6 "European Super State EP" (CD, 7inch, Digital)
[Info] 7.20 In Excelsis 10inch vinyl set out in U.S.? [Amazon.com]
[Hype] the forthcoming KJ album 'Absolute Dissent' [Spinefarm Sucks]
[Info] Killing Joke 13th album "Absolute Dissent" [Record Shop X]
20100722 Thurs July 22nd WARM LEATHERETTE

Vertical Smile: http://www.myspace.com/weareverticalsmile
Inertia: http://www.myspace.com/inertia001
Tribazik: http://www.myspace.com/tribazik

Venue: Madame Jojo's (8-10 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0SE)
Tickets: EEE Tickets

More Information:
Flag Promotions - Web | MySpace
Club Noir London - MySpace

Artwork by Purple Cat Media/KAOSUK (Steve Dickason)


Killing Joke MySpace Blog: CLUB WARM LEATHERETTE OPENING NIGHT presents an homage to the legendary Killing Joke
Thursday 22nd July 2010
.. ..
presents an homage to the legendary Killing Joke, with live bands:-
.. ..
VERTICAL SMILE (featuring Youth from Killing Joke) www.myspace.com/weareverticalsmile
.. ..
INERTIA (featuring Reza from Killing Joke) www.inertia.gs
.. ..
TRIBAZIK (featuring Jerry Kandiah, studio sound engineer on 2 KJ Albums) www.myspace.com/tribazik
.. ..
.. ..
Venue: Madame Jojo's, 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1F 0SE
.. ..
£8 Advance from www.flagpromotions.com + www.ticketweb.co.uk
.. ..
Doors at 7.30pm.

Reza GJ.


* His friends are Him and Them (not Us).

2010.08.21 (GMT+9:00)

[Info] 9.27 KILLING JOKE "Absolute Dissent"

# [Info] 9.27 KILLING JOKE "Absolute Dissent" Part 2

[Artwork] muzyka.pl | Nuta.pl | spinki.pl | cgm.pl
[Interview] Sonic Shocks | The Quietus | 3news.co.nz | MTUK Metal Zine | 95bFM (New Zealand) | Xfm Ian Camfield
[Review] Sonic Shocks | Midlands Rocks
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KILLING JOKE - Absolute Dissent (feat. "The Raven King")
Absolute Dissent - Blasphemy remix
Nine Inch Nails' Broken/Fixed-ish remix

[Info] Absolute Dissent [UK] ASIN: B00406V85G [Amazon.co.uk]
ASIN: B00406V85G [1CD-UK]
ASIN: B003Y58CI0 [1CD-EU?]

[Info] In Excelsis CD 11.53€, Absolute Dissent 12.45€
Amazon.fr: Killing Joke

[Info] The Xfm Rock Show with Ian Camfield [Playlist]
21 August - European Super State
14 August - Absolute Dissent
07 August - The Great Cull

[Info] Absolute Dissent: Killing Joke: Amazon.fr
CD (27 septembre 2010)
Nombre de disques: 1
Label: Cooperative Music
ASIN : B003Y58CI0

[Info] The Quietus: Track-by-track: Jaz Coleman's Guide To Killing Joke's Absolute Dissent
'The Raven King'

TQ: The album's emotional centerpiece. An atmospheric keyboard opening sets a backdrop for Jaz's plaintive, heartfelt lament. Guitars and bass roar in for a soaring, epic chorus. Musically this could fit seamlessly onto Brighter Than A Thousand Suns.

JC: It's not a song about Paul Raven, it's about Raven's anger and things he felt passionately about. It's a song for Englishmen. It starts – "the raven has flown and left the tower / and Albion feels all abandoned / a desecrated cenotaph, surveillance state and waning choices / guided by warriors we knew, guided by ancestral voices". And then there is Raven's belief in the original idea of anarchy – "let flags of black and red unfurl / echoes of distant laughter / confederation of the dispossessed / fearing neither god nor master". Raven was a street guy. He believed in a confederation of like-minded individuals, so we tried to be as true to his ideas as we could. The last thing Raven said to me when he left Prague was "carpe nocturno", which is the last line. It touched me when I sang it and heard it back, and I was lost for words.

TQ: Was it a difficult song to record for all those reasons?

JC: It was a difficult song to listen back to. When you're singing, you don't think. That was my first mistake, and Conny Plank brought that to my attention. I used to think about the lyrics I was singing about, but you don't, you just switch off. The heart has to take over.

TQ: Was there any discussion about the song beforehand?

JC: No, no. It started like this – we were in a jam session and Youth goes "Right – let's do one for Raven! Let's go!" (laughs) and it went like that!

[Info] Midlands Rocks: Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent (CD Reviews)
here’s then a bit of an interlude with two slower tracks “The Raven King” and “Honour The Fire” either of which could be said to be tributes to Paul Raven.

The full track-listing for the main disc is as follows:-
1. Absolute Dissent
2. The Great Cull
3. Fresh Fever From The Skies
4. In Excelsis
5. European Super State
6. This World Hell
7. Endgame
8. The Raven King
9. Honour The Fire
10. Depthcharge
11. Here Comes The Singularity
12. Ghosts On Ladbroke Grove (* Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove?)

Absolute Dissent will be available from 27th September with European Super State released as a single on 6th September on Spinefarm Records UK

* Press Release: The Noise Cartel

[Info] Jaz Coleman interview [SONIC SHOCKS]

[Info] Terrorizer magazine free CD "Fear Candy 82" feat. KJ
Terrorizer magazine free CD Fear Candy 82

[Info] Absolute Dissent [Import]: Killing Joke: Amazon.co.uk
Product details
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Cooperative Music
ASIN: B003Y58CI0

[Info] Youth's MySpace Blog: Enter the Dragon
We have mastered the new album and its in production!.
Jaz is going into a studio next week to record new vocals on some extra tracks and re record a verse or two to Big Paul's preferred lyric. Geordie is re cutting another guitar track to industrial suicide tribe ...these will probably appear on the deluxe edition as bonus tracks ....meanwhile myself, Clive Goddard and my assistant Michael Rendell are remixing tracks for the next single....will it ever end?

[Info] The Noise Cartel: Killing Joke - New Album Set for Sept 27th Plus UK Shows

KILLING JOKE will have an album of brand new material released on September 27th 2010 on Spinefarm Records UK

Titled ‘Absolute Dissent’, the record features 12 tracks produced by the band themselves – iconic frontman Jaz Coleman, guitarist Geordie Walker, bassist Youth and drummer Paul Ferguson – and engineered/mixed by Clive Goddard, who has worked with Youth on a selection of high-profile projects.

‘Absolute Dissent’ will be released on a number on formats, including double coloured vinyl and a Deluxe 2-CD package; the latter will feature a bonus disc showcasing Killing Joke cover versions from bands such as Metallica, Helmet & Spinefarm labelmates Dead By April, whose version of ‘Love Like Blood’ was recently released as a digital single.

The full track-listing for the main disc is as follows:-
1. Absolute Dissent
2. The Great Cull
3. Fresh Fever
4. In Excelsis
5. European Super State
6. This World Hell
7. Endgame
8. Ghost of Ladbroke Grove
9. Honour The Fire
10. Depthcharge
11. Singularity
12. The Raven King

All of these songs are fresh recordings, marking the 30th Anniversary for Killing Joke – the first time the original line-up has worked together in 28 years.

Prior to the album’s arrival, ‘European Super State’ will be released a single on September 6th 2010; it will be available on CD, 7” coloured vinyl + digital formats, and will feature bonus material.

* 3.28 Jeremy Memo

ALL OF these songs are taken from the sessions for the forthcoming KJ album ‘Absolute Dissent’, but it has yet to be decided whether they will feature in the final track-listing.

‘Absolute Dissent’ has been produced by the band & Youth and engineered/ mixed by Clive Goddard at studios in London, Prague and Spain; Clive Goddard has worked with Youth on a number of high-profile projects.

‘Absolute Dissent’ marks the 30th Anniversary for Killing Joke, and is the first time the original line-up has worked together in 28 years.

[Info] Record Shop X: Killing Joke : Absolute dissent
also coming 2cd and 2lp+book-versions, we will add them to our website as soon as we get more info on them.

Track Listing:
-see above-

Product Details:
Audio CD
Label: Spinefarm Records
Catalog No.:
Number of Discs: 1 (also 2CD, 2LP (+Book?) versions)
Release Date: 2010/09/27
ASIN: B003Y58CI0 [EU?]

# Recorded at Britannia Row Studios [Wiki]
# Recorded at Faust Records Studios [Green Studio]
# Mixed by Clive Goddard (KJ2003, Youth, Transmission and more)
# Big Life Producers: Youth, Clive Goddard (Tim Bran, Jagz Kooner)
# Artwork by Jimmy Cauty [Wiki | Discogs]
# bibliotecapleyades.net: Total Control - GWEN Towers

# Spinefarm Records UK: Web | MySpace | Twitter
# Spinefarm Records US: Web | MySpace | Twitter
# Spinefarm Records FI: Web | MySpace | Twitter

UK: Amazon.co.uk | HMV.com | Play.com | Sister Ray
US: Amazon.com | CD Universe | Tower.com
ROW: Record Shop X (Finland)

for more information:

# Paul Raven R.I.P.: Killing Joke XIII: Feast Of Fools - Rescheduled
# Paul Raven R.I.P.: Killing Joke "In Excelsis EP" Out Now

[PR] Play.com: Killing Joke - XIII: Feast Of Fools - Free Delivery
Play.com (UK) : Killing Joke - XIII: Feast Of Fools : CD - Free Delivery


Feast Of Fools (Absolute Dissent) [JP SHM-CD edition]

Product Details:
Audio CD (SHM-CD)
Label: Universal International
Catalog No.: UICO-1190
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2010/09/29

Amazon.co.jp: Album Details
Japanese edition scheduled to include bonus material.

# SHM-CD (Super High Material CD): What is SHM-CD?
# Universal International (JP): Web

JP: Amazon.co.jp | HMV.co.jp | Tower.jp | CDJapan


Tower Records GJ.


[PR] The Charlatans - Who We Touch: Deluxe [2CD]

Their eleventh studio album, 'Who We Touch' was produced by Youth (Paul McCartney, Primal Scream and The Verve) and was recorded at Britannia Row in London, on the desk that New Order's 'Blue Monday' was recorded on. Featuring eleven tracks, the album must surely rank as their boldest to date radically broadening, in places, their aesthetic remit. It is, says Burgess, "a soulful voyage", a journey through moods uplifting and profound, dark and delirious, ultimately concluding in blissful optimism. Its sound is inspired by many heroes, yet always sounds like no-one other than The Charlatans themselves.

Purchase: Recordstore.co.uk

In Excelsis Limited Edition Double Coloured Vinyl 10 Inch Set - Exclusive What Records

2010.08.24 (GMT+9:00)


[PR] 7.8 Malicious Damage Records presents

The Good Ship in Kilburn NW6
it's to celebrate the launch of their long-awaited debut album hell fire and brimstone
it's at the good ship in kilburn high road on thursday 8th july from 8:00pm-2:00am, tickets are only a fiver each

HFB (Alex Paterson & Dom Beken from Transit Kings)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/highfrequencybandwidth

The Good Ship (289 Kilburn High Road, NW6 7JR)
Web: http://www.thegoodship.co.uk/

Malicious Damage Records
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/maliciousdamage79

The Good Ship in Kilburn NW6