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TRIBAZIK 'All Blood Is Red' Album Launch Party

4.28 TRIBAZIK 'All Blood Is Red' Album Launch Party
Hi, TRIBAZIK live on stage 10:30pm tues 28th april @ The Lexington (96 Pentonville rd, Angel tube)

with special guests - Chris Liberator and Geezers punk/ska band 'Dogshite' (on stage 9:45)

Rob Stow
Chris Liberator

Come on down - lets 'ave a laugh.....

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TRIBAZIK (Jerry Kandiah, Blaise Merino, Hedge Seel)

Venue: The Lexington (Islington, London)

Tuesday, April 28
Upstairs - Tribazik, Dog*shite
8pm £5

The punk, ska, rock and tekno band launch their album 'All Blood Is Red' with help from ska-punks guests Dog*Shite and DJs Chris Liberator, Rob Stow, Geezer and Tiddles plus visuals from HyperVJ.

"The new Pink Floyd of heavy metal.” - DJ Grendel (Dawn Radio)

“Tribazik could become one of the UK’s finest bands.” - Giles Moorhouse - Rock Sound

“…metal, rock, tribal, acid techno and world mixed up in a melting pot and spat out creating an original sound and packing quite a punch” - Jo Elliot (bbc.co.uk)

“…Uncompromising stabbing riffs, sampled siren calls and war dispatches, and dark, ominous bass, all dragged along by righteously indignant booming vocals.” - Emma Johnson (Kerrang!)

“…Whilst a lot of industrial fails to make an impact in the UK, this home-grown act fires out memorable track after memorable track.” – Phill May (rockmidgets.com)

Purchase "All Blood Is Red" CD: Amazon.co.uk | HMV.com

Good luck.


from PAUL RAVEN TRIBUTE PAGE's Friends Comments (myspace)
It has been an honour having you as a friend. Thanks for your support and respect over the years.
See you on the other side Dude.

from RIOTSTAR's Friends Comments (myspace)
Such devasting news which touches all of us that knew you and were inspired by your passion, humour and love of life and music.
I still laugh at you trying to play your bass upright on tour with KJ!Great memories being on tour with you.

My thoughts are with your family in this impossible time.

Much respect,
Blaise Merino

from KILLING JOKE myspace blog
Raven's death is a tragic loss and is difficult to comprehend. His sense of humour, enthusiasm and attention to details will be greatly missed by all those that met him and were able to enjoy his passion for music and life. I respected him greatly.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Blaise Merino

from Tribazik myspace

We are deeply saddened and shocked by the death of Paul Raven. He supported Tribazik with great enthusiasm, making it a pleasure for us to be on tour with him and the Killing Joke brothers. We will remember him for his sense of humour and passion for life and music, always on the search for something special.

Our thoughts go out to his family at this devastating time.

Tribazik myspace:

# KILLING JOKE 2005/2006 Tour Support
# Jerry Kandiah (Gt) - "KJ2003" & "Hosannas" Recording Engineer

# News from Tribazik myspace:
the MOLTEN music video - featuring Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman has been completed and is due to be released imminently.

Update: 2009.04.15