[OT] Meshuggah USA tour

from BLABBERMOUTH.NET: MESHUGGAH Explains Calgary Show Cancellation
Swedish experimental extreme metallers MESHUGGAH have issued the following update:

"Ahhh, not so awesome beginning of the C U LaTouR [with MINISTRY and HEMLOCK]! We just wanna say we're sorry [to] you guys who came out to the Calgary show especially!

"The routing/distances for this tour was insane for the first couple shows and us being stuck at the U.S/Canada border for a few hours meant we didn't make it in time for the Calgary show!

"For the first Vancouver show at the Croatian culture center — same thing! Too far a drive to actually make it in time, so everything was way delayed which in turn meant that we had to cut the set real short! Three songs!! How's that for a MESHUGGAH set!!? Kinda embarrasing, but things were out of our hands!! We were there in time but the semi with all the stage gear was very late and with a 11 p.m curfew....

"Basically, the start of this tour was just routed insanely and as for the rest of the tour, we shouldn't run into these issues.

"So again, we apologize to those of you who came out to the shows to see us, only to find we didn't play or as for the Vancouver show — only played for 15 minutes!"

MESHUGGAH's latest album, "obZen" sold 11,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 59 on The Billboard 200 chart. This is substantially more than the 7,000 first-week total achieved by its predecessor, "Catch 33", which landed at No. 170 on The Billboard 200 chart back in June 2005.

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Please do not give up.


Vive Le Punk! - Jaz Coleman Interview

from Vive Le Punk!: KILLING JOKE
VLP: Had there been any sign his health was bad?

"I knew he’d had heart flutters for a few years, he used to tell me about them, he couldn’t lay flat on a bed because he’d get heart palpitations, so he used to sleep sitting up. You know, musicians don’t live as long as other people. Not always.”

VLP: Did you already know Raven before he joined?

“Sure, he was good friends with Youth,”

VLP: So what will Killing Joke’s next move be?

“Well, definitely two new recordings for us to do, and concerts. There’s a big demand for the original line-up, but that wouldn’t really play the later records so I’m gonna end up with two Killing Jokes! Benny, Geordie and me for one, and Youth and Big Paul and Geordie for another.

VLP: So Youth and Big Paul are definitely up for it then?

"Yeah, they want to do it. I’m aiming for the film, the book, and intense touring for our 30th anniversary, to raise money for Paul’s children."

[read more]

Benny = Ben Calvert (KILLING JOKE)

Dream of an Opium Eater

The Nubiles

Twin Zero

Sack Trick



Seattle Weekly

from Seattle Weekly: Ministry, Meshuggah
Then, last year, Jourgensen tragically and unexpectedly lost his dear friend and bass player, Paul Raven (who also played with Killing Joke). [read more]

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Meshuggah obZen e-card
Danny's favorite.


Burton C Bell On Passing Of Paul Raven

from Ultimate-Guitar.Com: Bell Has Ministry Covered
Killing Joke's Paul Raven makes a posthumous appearance on the collection, helping out on the record before suddenly passing away late last year. Bell remembered the man he called a "pirate."

Burton C Bell On Passing Of Paul Raven [Video Link*]

"He was a pirate, a true pirate, and he lived like a pirate to his last day. It's gonna catch up with ya. I love the guy, and I miss him."

Bell's bandmate in Ascension Of The Watchers is John Bechdel, who spent time with Raven in Killing Joke and a few other projects. Bell will also join Al Jourgensen onstage for the songs he performed on Cover Up for Ministry's last tour called the C U LaTour. The trek begins Tuesday, March 25, at the Big Easy in Spokane, Washington.

*WMV 955KB (14sec)

Ascension Of The Watchers (Burton C Bell + John Bechdel)

False Icons (John Bechdel) *KJ1990-1991

C U LaTouR feat. John Bechdel & Burton C Bell


also Burton C Bell said:
"We did 'End Of Days.' 'Die In A Crash,' I did another song, it's not on the record, I don't know what happened to it."

Unreleased Track feat. Paul Raven?

# 2.19 Ascension of the Watchers' Numinosum


3.24 Killing Joke 'Love Like Blood' Live Album - Out Today

Love Like Blood (CANDLE202CD) - Product Description

1985 was Killing Jokes most successful & commercial period to date. This CD (released officially here for the first time ever and digitally re mastered with the bands blessing) catches Killing Joke Live on that 1985 tour. Released in the past under names such as ‘No Way Out But Forward Go’ & again ‘Love Like Blood Live’ it catches a great live set from Lorely Rockaplast, Germany on August 17 1985. Also contained here especially for this release are 2 bonus tracks live from London from the same tour. These 2 tracks have never been officially released before. [read more]

Track List:
1. The Hum
2. Darkness Before Dawn
3. Requiem
4. Empire Song
5. Tabazan
6. Night Time
7. Kings & Queens
8. The Good Samaritan
9. Love Like Blood
10. Bloodsport
11. Complications
12. The Wait
13. Pssyche
14. Eighties
15. Wardance
16. Tension **
17. Kings & Queens (II) **

** = bonus track (2008 Candlelight Records edition)

Killing Joke live line-up (1985):
Jaz Coleman (vocals)
Big Paul Ferguson (drums)
Geordie Walker (guitar)
Paul Raven (bass)
+ Dave Kovecevic (keyboards)


Love Like Blood [Live]
Brilliant (BT33087 - 2002) ASIN: B00006J9KR
Candlelight (CANDLE202CD - 2008) ASIN: B00127R7GU

No Way Out But Forward Go [Live]
Pilot (PILOT85 - 2001) ASIN: B00005AQAK
KJ (KJRCD3001 - 2006) ASIN: B000FQ5EO6


Gundogs (Update)

from Gundogs myspace:
May, 28 2008 at THE UNDERWORLD - with Treponem Pal and Inertia

Treponem Pal / Inertia / Gundogs Let’s remember PAUL VINCENT RAVEN R.I.P.


from Gundogs myspace blog:
GUNBLOG 21 - ’Shirokoma’ - The Truth Will Set You Free

The wrench is that I lost my brother, Paul, on the 20th October 2007. He died in Collonge-Sous-Seleves in southern France, just across the border from Geneva. He was forty-six years old. A little less than three months shy of his forty-seventh birthday. [read more]


from Gundogs myspace:
May, 28 2008 at THE UNDERWORLD - with Treponem Pal

Treponem Pal / Gundogs / Headcount what do all the bands have in common?... PAUL VINCENT RAVEN R.I.P.

The Underworld in Camden:


from Gundogs myspace blog:
Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wednesday 16th January - Paul Raven’s Gathering

Next Wednesday 16th January at 7pm at

2/3 King Street

there will be a gathering in memory of the legendary and larger than life...our beloved

Mr. Paul Vincent Raven

Friends and of Paul, Dan & the Raven family are more than welcome.

much Love

Gundogs xxxx


from Gundogs myspace blog:
Tuesday, November 13, 2007


we'd just like to express our heartfelt thanks for all the mesages of support and condolences sent to us over the passing of our bro Paul Raven.

We have passed all messages onto the Raven family.
The whole family are deeply touched and thank you all

The news of Paul's passing has deeply effected a hell of a lot of people around the world.

Paul's funeral took place in Annecy in Southern France on Halloween (appropiate)
however there will be another "gathering" for friends, comrades & family in Paul's hometown of Wolverhampton in the UK
We will send all details as soon as we know them

much love you all
we will not forget!

Dan, Bird, Maria, Chris, Jase & the Raven Family



from Gundogs myspace bulletin:
From: Gundogs
Date: Oct 24, 2007 11:10 PM

We're sorry but we are being forced to cancel our next scheduled gig.
In Mexborough (sheffield) at the civic.

We're sorry for anyone travelling to the gig.

Our bassist Dan is still in Geneva with his brother Paul.
and we will not perform without Dan .

we hope this doesn't cause anyone too many problems


Gundogs xxxx


from Gundogs myspace blog:
Sunday, October 21, 2007



It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of the iconic & legendary Paul Raven, who is the brother of our very own bass player Dan Raven.

Paul is best known as bassist for MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE & PRONG.
He was found yesterday morning (Saturday, October 20) in a private home in a small French village on the Swiss border after what we believe to be an apparent heart attack.
Paul was in Geneva working with TREPONEM PAL alongside drummer Ted Parsons (PRONG) and members of THE YOUNG GODS.

GUNDOGS would all like to express their heartfelt sympathies to Paul's friends & family, and to our own "brother" Dan.
"Dan...We are all here for you and your family. we love you bro!"

Our gigs last night in Glasgow at the Barfly and tonight's (Sunday, October 21) appearance at the Academy 2 in Liverpool have been postponed for obvious reasons.

We hope anyone travelling to the concerts understands, appreciates and respects our decision to postpone the shows.

Paul will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him....a true legend has been lost but will never be forgotten.
We will be accepting messages of condolences on our my space page which we will pass on to Paul's family directly

"God Bless Paul"


Bird, Chris, Maria, Dan xxxxxxxxxxx

Gundogs (feat. Dan Raven) myspace


Anna K (Revolting Cocks 2006)

from Anna K official myspace blog:
RIP Paul Raven

I just got the news on Ravens passing...he was an amazing person, so full of love, always so caring for others. Like a big Papa Bear he was the cornerstone of the group of people he was with. Always a smile, always a joke. I cant believe he's gone, and I'll miss him a lot. Love you Raven!

Anna K official:

Opiate For The Masses feat. Seven Antonopoulos & Anna K: