5.31 Industrial Suicide Tribe EP

Bravewords.com - Former PRONG Drummer Ted Parsons Urging Support For Ailing Engineer Lee Popa
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Industrial Suicide Tribe: Killing Joke: Amazon.de: Musik

Killing Joke "Industrial Suicide Tribe EP" Coming Soon

Track Listing:
1. Industrial Suicide Tribe
2. Endgame
3. Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove
4. Industrial Suicide Tribe - Justin K. Broadrick Remix

Product Details:
Audio CD (also available on digital / vinyl)
Label: Spinefarm Records
Catalog No.:
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2010/05/31 (2010/06/02-04)
ASIN: B003L46BX2

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Killing Joke - Official Site
# Killing Joke XIII: Feast Of Fools

Spinefarm Records UK - News: Killing Joke - NEW ‘INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE TRIBE’ EP SET FOR RELEASE ON MAY 31st 2010
KILLING JOKE will have an EP of brand new material released on May 31st 2010 via Spinefarm Records UK.

Titled the ‘Industrial Suicide Tribe’ EP, the record will be available on CD, digital & vinyl formats, and will feature three new studio recordings plus a Remix by Godflesh main-man Justin Broadrick.

The full track-listing is as follows:-

‘Industrial Suicide Tribe’
‘Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove’
‘Industrial Suicide Tribe’ – Justin K. Broadrick Remix

Both ‘Industrial Suicide Tribe’ & ‘Endgame’ are taken from the sessions for the forthcoming KJ album ‘XIII: Feast Of Fools’, but it has yet to be decided whether they will feature in the final track-listing.

# "INDUSTRIAL SUICIDE TRIBE is an entirely different song from ESS." [read more] - Thank you

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Paul V. Raven vs. Justin K. Broadrick

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* Godflesh 2001 (Justin Broadrick, Ted Parsons & Paul Raven)

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Godflesh - Crumbling Flesh

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Paul V. Raven vs. Burton C. Bell

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John Bechdel (False Icons, AoTW), Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory, AoTW) with RAVEN

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Fear Factory Headline US Tour 2010

Fear Factory (Burton, Dino, Gene Hoglan, Byron Stroud)

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SAVE LEE POPA - help him find a living donor

[Important] Legendary LEE POPA wrote "I have good news!!"
The doctors say that I have 100% go-ahead with my partial Liver transplant. This is my “window of opportunity.” [http://www.saveleepopa.com/]

Joel Gausten (Author) MySpace Blog: MINISTRY/TOOL Live Engineer LEE POPA In Need of Partial Liver Transplant
Lee Popa, a veteran sound engineer, producer/remixer and musician who has worked with some of the biggest names in Rock and Metal, has announced that he is suffering from primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and is in need of a partial liver transplant.

If you or anybody you know would like to be a donor (A or O blood type. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative) or would like further information on being a living donor, contact:

Janelle Newkirk
Living Donor Transplant Coordinator
USC University Hospital
Los Angeles


Drummer Martin Atkins, who traveled across Europe with Popa during the 1990/1991 KILLING JOKE tour and later worked with him in the early years of PIGFACE (as documented on the 1991 live album, “Welcome To Mexico…Asshole”), praises Popa’s contributions to the world of underground music – as well as his one-of-a-kind personality.

“Lee is one of those people you want to have with you on the road when the shit hits the fan,” Atkins says. “[He’s also] one of those special people who occasionally cause some of the shit, but you’re all in it together and you have his back for all of the times he’s had yours. He’s one of those very rare, no-bullshit, tell-it-like-it-is Chicago fuckheads… one of those people you want.”

Author and musician Joel Gausten (PIGFACE/ ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN/ EFFECTIONHATE), who first crossed paths with Popa in 2006 while conducting research for a KILLING JOKE-related project, echoes Atkins’ sentiments.

“Lee Popa is one of the most open, helpful and brutally honest people I’ve ever encountered in the music business,” Gausten says. “He’s also one hell of a storyteller – even though I’ll have to take most of what he’s told me about certain bands to my grave! Lee is a rare friend to many in an industry full of charlatans and creeps, and he deserves much better than these unfortunate circumstances.”

# Killing Joke "Inside Extremities, Mixes, Rehearsals And Live (Disc 2) - Live In Pied – France 7th June 1991" Recorded by Lee Popa [Discogs]

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for more information: http://www.saveleepopa.com/

Prong - Whose Fist Is This Anyway? EP [Discogs]
Ted Parsons, Troy Gregory, Lee Popa & RAVEN
Ted Parsons, Troy Gregory, Lee Popa & RAVEN


forthcoming KJ tribute album?

Spinefarm News from The Noise Cartel (2010/05)
on May 17th, the band will be releasing a new double A-side digital single, comprising of ‘Love Like Blood’ & ‘Promise Me’; ‘Love Like Blood’, a cover of the Killing Joke classic, is taken from a forthcoming KJ tribute album (also featuring artists such as Metallica, Foo Fighters & Helmet), [read: SPINEFARM NEWS - DEAD BY APRIL LOVE LIKE BLOOD, PURIFIED IN BLOOD UK TOUR]

from Sonisphere Festival 2009 website (2009/08)
Killing Joke are releasing a covers album where bands including Metallica, Foo Fighters and Tool cover the cigar-chomping death obsessives’ finest numbers. Lamb of God have been asked to join in too, but the record company are currently negotiating. [deleted]

Where's Tool? Pigmy Love Circus feat. Danny Carey?

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