Mob Research (Paul Raven's very own band)

from Mob Research MySpace Blog [October 26, 2008]:
Meanwhile if you are wondering what teh hell is happening with the much anticipated MOB Research album will be pleased to know that 'Holy City Zoo' is pretty much completed and a release date is provisionally set for March 2009. More details to follow soon.


MOB RESEARCH Putting Finishing Touches On Debut Album - Jan. 4, 2008

The surviving members of MOB RESEARCH — the collaboration between WARRIOR SOUL frontman Kory Clarke and late MINISTRY/KILLING JOKE bassist Paul Raven — are completing the vocals for the remaining four tracks on the group's debut album, "Holy City Zoo", for a tentative spring 2008 release. According to the band, "Paul was very passionate about MOB RESEARCH and the songs and we want the world to hear what he was so proud of... a fitting addition to his mighty musical legacy."

To check out exclusive advance recordings, download the demos from Snocap on the MOB RESEARCH MySpace page.

Paul Raven passed away in a private home in a small French village on the Swiss border on October 20, 2007. Raven (who is also known for his work with PRONG) was in Geneva working with French recording artists TREPONEM PAL on their new release alongside drummer Ted Parsons (PRONG).

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1/4/2008 8:26:34 AM
Everything that I've heard sounds AMAZING.... we're so proud to be part of it!

Nice Comment Mr. Dennis.

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from Mob Research (Paul Raven's very own band) myspace blog:
Thursday, January 03, 2008

Risen from the ashes...

Seasons greetings and Happy New Year to all you MoBsters out there... the spirit of the Mighty Raven lives on in MoB Research - his final band and swansong recording... the remaining members of MoB are completing and mixing tracks and completing Kory's vocals on the remaining 4 songs for our album 'Holy City Zoo' and are looking at an early Spring '08 release... Paul was very passionate about MoB and the songs and we want the world to hear what he was so proud of... a fitting addition to his mighty musical legacy..

To check out exclusive advance recordings download the demos from SNOCAP on our main page.. commemorative Paul Raven/MoB teeshirts coming very soon - all profits going to Paul's family..

Long Live Paul Vincent Raven (1961-2007)

MoB Research


Paul Raven's Mob Research New Song "American Antichrist"

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Paul Raven's Mob Research New Song "Skull and Bones"

with "Holy City Zoo" Artwork ?


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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Update on Raven’s wake in France from Legion...

"A gathering of love as best as I could ever witness in my lifetime,,

I wish everyone who could want to be here could be here,,,,, I have met people whom I never known before that from the first impression are images of Paul in their own way,,, it seen that a gathering of "atoms of people" for ever what we are, have aligned to see how the awareness of a sprit ,,that in that life of this person we can find the "gold of creation",,

He loved without prejudice, almost to a fault,,,,,but mostly,, he showed me how to be a better person,,

among the first of "spirits" of illumination, I hope to greet me beyond the Rubicon,,



Paul was a great friend to many and a legendary bass player. We had formed Mob Research earlier this year and Paul was very excited about getting the record out early next year. We shall all miss Paul incredibly. We love you... may he rest in peace and be raising hell in the afterlife..

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