10.31 Raven's Funeral

from The Gathering mailing list, Posted by Rob Moss:
Dear All

Just got back from the funeral.

I wanted to let you all know that it was a beautiful day in a delightful setting, so fitting.

The first person we saw at the airport was Big Paul.
We immediately accosted him, held him hostage and took him to Annecy where he was subjected to a day of Headcount/Mike Coles stupidity which he loved!

The funeral service included, at the request of Paul's Mum, a couple of prayers and a short sermon.
Jaz and Geordie were there and Jaz said a few words.

All of Raven's (known!!!) children were there. It was lovely to see his little boys again - they are lovely little fellas. And everyone was positive and shared fond memories. So many attractive women there - well done my son ! ;-)

In the evening we met at L'Usine in Geneva where Paul spent his last evening and we celebrated his life. So many glasses raised, so many great stories told and so many happy faces. The XXV Gathering DVD was played and we remembered the great man.

He had one hell of a send off Gatherers.

Just a shame the old buzzard wasn't there, he'd have loved it!

* five children

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