Burton C Bell On Passing Of Paul Raven

from Ultimate-Guitar.Com: Bell Has Ministry Covered
Killing Joke's Paul Raven makes a posthumous appearance on the collection, helping out on the record before suddenly passing away late last year. Bell remembered the man he called a "pirate."

Burton C Bell On Passing Of Paul Raven [Video Link*]

"He was a pirate, a true pirate, and he lived like a pirate to his last day. It's gonna catch up with ya. I love the guy, and I miss him."

Bell's bandmate in Ascension Of The Watchers is John Bechdel, who spent time with Raven in Killing Joke and a few other projects. Bell will also join Al Jourgensen onstage for the songs he performed on Cover Up for Ministry's last tour called the C U LaTour. The trek begins Tuesday, March 25, at the Big Easy in Spokane, Washington.

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Ascension Of The Watchers (Burton C Bell + John Bechdel)

False Icons (John Bechdel) *KJ1990-1991

C U LaTouR feat. John Bechdel & Burton C Bell


also Burton C Bell said:
"We did 'End Of Days.' 'Die In A Crash,' I did another song, it's not on the record, I don't know what happened to it."

Unreleased Track feat. Paul Raven?

# 2.19 Ascension of the Watchers' Numinosum