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TRIBAZIK "Molten" feat. Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) - deleted

- About "Molten" PV - memo.tv
- Who's Blaise Merino? - http://www.blaisemerino.com/

SydneyUnleashed.com - Jaz talks about "Hosannas" session.
Before we did these f**king sessions, all I thought about was trying to find an engineer who could handle Killing Joke for one f**king year, while we do gigs as well as record. Now who can possibly do that? And it's only then that I realised that the only candidates worthy of such a task are clearly in the nutcase bracket of engineers. Only complete f**king nutters can handle that task at hand psychologically! Don't f**king laugh at me! I'm telling you the truth! The only person who was up for that task was Jerry Kandiah. He worked with us (as engineer) on the 2003 'Killing Joke' album.

TRIBAZIK new album "All Blood Is Red" - March 2009

from Eastworld Recordings

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