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you did not miss this release. it never came out. for some unknown reason (at this time), Spinefarm decided not to go with the Industrial Suicide Tribe E.P. Instead, they went with the In Excelsis E.P., which contains all the tracks that would have been on IST except IST itself, and it adds Kali Yuga and a remix of the Ghost of Ladbroke Grove. but wait, there's a hitch-- the did not release it in the U.S.! even the download sites refuse to sell it to U.S. fans! I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come because it has already been too long waiting for the 13th studio album (Feast of Fools or Absolute Dissent or... it changes weekly). Spinefarm does NOTHING to help clarify the issue. They've released nothing regarding the deleted E.P. and nothing regarding the U.S. release (or lack thereof) and they don't respond to emails either.

Oh, and the iTunes version of In Excelsis was meant to come with a film by Youth with a soundtrack which was going to be an unreleased Killing Joke song (possibly a remix of IST), but there is no sign of this film/soundtrack anywhere. And, guess what? Spinefarm has not commented on that either!


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01 In Excelsis - 5.11MB
02 Endgame - 4.45MB
03 Kali Yuga - 3.77MB
04 Ghost of Ladbroke Grove - 6.29MB
05 Ghost of Ladbroke Grove (Dub) - 6.41MB

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* short protest film titled ‘Urban Primitive’ - Not Found

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Titled the ‘In Excelsis’ EP, the record will be exclusively available as a double coloured vinyl 10” from online UK retailer What Records (www.whatrecords.co.uk); a CD version of the EP – complete with bonus dub Remix – will also be included with the package, and there will be a separate digital format, too. If purchased via iTunes, the latter will come complete with a short protest film titled ‘Urban Primitive’, filmed by KJ bassist Youth back in 2004 and showing the award-winning producer as he creates a spontaneous work of art somewhere in London’s Chelsea area, on the banks of the Thames. The soundbed to the film will be an exclusive KJ track.

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Get a taste of the new Killing Joke album with this 'In Excelsis' teaser video... http://fb.me/vV7mLc6B


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