Geneva Spotted by Locals - L'Usine
* L'Usine - This is the club where Paul enjoyed his last night on earth. (from the Raven Family, via Dan Raven)

from Gundogs (feat. Dan Raven) myspace blog:

From the Raven Family, via Dan Raven, Paul's Brother:

On October 31st, 2007 at 3pm in the South Eastern French city of Annecy, which lies approximately 30 kms from Geneva Airport, there will be a service in the memory of the now truly larger than life, Mister Paul Vincent Raven. The fact that this service falls on the same day as Halloween, while appropriate, is simply a coincidence. No costume will be required.

The family understands that the location of this first service (there will be others) will, for many of you, be prohibitive but would like to assure those loved ones and friends that are able to attend that they are very welcome.

We intend to organise a wake at L'Usine ( the factory) in Geneva on the evening of the 31st. This is the club where Paul enjoyed his last night on earth.


from KILLING JOKE myspace:
Flowers/messages of condolence can be sent to the funeral home address in france is as follows:

Georges Golliet s.a.s,
3 avenue de parmelan,
74000, annecy, france

Service will take place on Weds Oct 31 2007

tel 0033 45 052 9104


Pompes Funèbres Annéciennes Georges Golliet, inhumation, crémation, funérarium

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