Mob Research Update

2009.05.22 "Holy City Zoo" out (maybe).

Amazon.de: Holy City Zoo: Mob Research

Rest in peace PAUL RAVEN & his Mob Research.
This is the end.


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"Do The Hustle!" - Van McCoy

Michael Monroe (ex-Hanoi Rocks)
Good luck Mr. Michael Monroe. Thank you Hanoi Rocks.


Mob Research "Holy City Zoo" available for pre order.

HMV.com (£10.99)
List Price £14.99
Release date: 25-5-2009
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Catalogue Number: BM08C234

also Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Play.com | Amazon.co.jp
ASIN: B00261E0PC


Long-Awaited MOB RESEARCH Album Due In May


from Mob Research MySpace Blog:
Meanwhile if you are wondering what teh hell is happening with the much anticipated MOB Research album will be pleased to know that 'Holy City Zoo' is pretty much completed and a release date is provisionally set for March 2009. More details to follow soon.

New Song "Manufactured Terror".
New Drummer Nick Lucero (ex-Queens of the Stone Age).

Mob Research without Raven & Bennyboy.

# Mob Research (Paul Raven's very own band)

Update: 2009.05.22