Absolute Dissent Sessions (Summary)

[Recent News - 2010.12.04]
"still trying to finish off the remaining tracks of the absolute dissent sessions, particularly a track called "This is War", difficult pinning Jaz and Geordie down and were discussing plans for a new KJ album starting early Feb,possibly with a more Tribal orientation( I recently saw Femi Kuti in concert and the combination of Magic, politics and sex was intoxicating and reminded me, in a weird way of KJ)" - Youth

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Absolute Dissent Sessions 2009/2010 (Summary)

"Absolute Dissent" (UK-2010.09.27/US-2010.11.22)
1. Absolute Dissent 06:16
2. The Great Cull 05:57
3. Fresh Fever From The Skies 03:23
4. In Excelsis 04:04
5. European Super State 04:42
6. This World Hell (Die, Long Pig!) 05:27
7. Endgame 04:41
8. The Raven King 06:33
9. Honour The Fire 05:50
10. Depthcharge 04:17
11. Here Comes The Singularity 05:04
12. Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove 06:32

"Absolute Dissent" iTunes Bonus Track [info]:
13. European Super State (Dubstep Mix)

"Absolute Dissent" SHM-CD Bonus Tracks [info]:
13. European Super State (Youth Remix)
14. European Super State (Clive Goddard Extended Mix)

"In Excelsis EP [CD]" (Vinyl-2010.06.21/CD-2010.06.23) [info]:
In Excelsis [5:14]
Kali Yuga
Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove
Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove Dub

"European Super State EP" (UK-2011.01.24) [HMV.com]:
European Super State
Kali Yuga
Sixth Sun (* A Sixth Sun)
Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove (Dub)


Jeremy said [The Quietus]
- I Am War (-> This is War)
- A Sick Sun (* A Sixth Sun) -> ESS EP
- Time Wave
- Feast Of Fools
- Suicide Tribe (* Industrial Suicide Tribe)

+ The Crossing Point
+ Industrial Suicide Tribe (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)

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