7.31 InMusic Festival 2010 (China)

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InMusic Festival

InMusic Festival (July 30 to Aug 1): Artist List [screenshot]

InMusic Festival 2010

Time Out Beijing: InMusic Festival - July 30 to Aug 1
Pack your bags for this music and camping fest in the Zhangbei grasslands

Beijing’s urban music festivals are fun, but they’re lacking a few important elements: big open skies, overnight camping and an excuse to give up showering for a few days. Luckily, the InMusic Festival picks up the slack on those points, offering a threeday camping and music fest two-hours drive outside of Beijing in the Zhangbei grasslands near Zhangjiakou, Hebei province.

Sponsored by Beijing-based rock label Pilot Records and Chinese music mag InMusic, this year’s line-up features local rockers spanning metal, punk, folk and indie rock, including Subs, The Face, Reflector, New Pants, Yaksa, Hanggai, Suffocated, He Yong, Shuang Zi and Second Hand Rose.

Confirmed foreign acts include US pop-rockers Panic! At The Disco (pictured), wacky, Paris-based American duo CocoRosie and British post-punks Killing Joke.

Tickets for the festival cost a very reasonable 120RMB for one day, 220RMB for two or 300RMB for all three. To get there, take the train (three hours) to Zhangjiakou and then a taxi.

Zhangbei grasslands, Friday 30 July to Sunday 1 August 2010. For more information, visit www.inmusicfestival.cn. Tickets available from www.228.com.cn.

Is this KILLING JOKE feat. Big Paul?


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