9.27 KILLING JOKE "Absolute Dissent" Part 2

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Bravewords.com: KILLING JOKE - Deluxe Version Of New Album To Feature Classic Cover Versions From METALLICA, FEAR FACTORY, HELMET [September 06, 2010]
KILLING JOKE will release their 13th studio album, Absolute Dissent, on September 27th 2010 via Spinefarm Records UK.

The album – housed in a sleeve designed by artist/musician Jimmy Cauty of KLF fame – will be available in variety of formats, including standard 12-track CD, digital download & limited edition Deluxe CD format featuring enhanced packaging, sleeve notes, plus an 11-track second CD (‘Absolute Respect’) showcasing KJ cover versions from a wide variety of artists, including METALLICA, HELMET, FEAR FACTORY and FOO FIGHTERS.

The full tracklisting of the Deluxe version is as follows:

CD 1 (Absolute Dissent)

Absolute Dissent
The Great Cull
Fresh Fever From The Skies
In Excelsis
European Super State
This World Hell (Die, Long Pig!)
The Raven King
Honour The Fire
Here Comes The Singularity
Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove

CD 2 (Absolute Respect)

Europe – AMEN
Primitive – HELMET
Love Like Blood – DEAD BY APRIL
Democracy (NIN Remix) – Killing Joke
Millennium – FEAR FACTORY
Pandemonium – KOTITEOLLISUUS (Finland’s biggest selling rock act featuring NIGHTWISH's Tuomas Holopainen on arrangement duties, keyboards and programming)

A new single/video, ‘European Super State’, is currently being scheduled for release.

ExploreMusic (Canada): Killing Joke is Back [August 31, 2010]
Absolute Dissent was supposed to come out on September 28th, but it’s now been pushed back to October 19th. No big deal; September 28 is turning out to be a very busy release date, so maybe this is a smart move.


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Killing Joke - Official Site
* Art Direction: Paul Raven

[Info] "Absolute Dissent" track-listing + length [exlibris.ch]
Killing Joke 13: Feast Of Fools - Killing Joke - exlibris.ch
* Ghosts Of?

[Info] "Absolute Dissent" track-listing + length [Record Shop X]
Absolute Dissent track-listing + length - Record Shop X

The full track-listing [Midlands Rocks - CD Review]:
1. Absolute Dissent
2. The Great Cull
3. Fresh Fever From The Skies
4. In Excelsis * (album edit?)
5. European Super State **
6. This World Hell
7. Endgame *
8. The Raven King
9. Honour The Fire
10. Depthcharge
11. Here Comes The Singularity
12. Ghosts On Ladbroke Grove * (= Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove?)

* "In Excelsis EP" (In Excelsis, Endgame, Kali Yuga, Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove, Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove Dub)
** "European Super State EP" (9.20 Coming Soon)

The Quietus: Track-by-track: Jaz Coleman's Guide To Killing Joke's Absolute Dissent
TQ: On the reunion tour you played a new song called 'Time Wave'. What happened to that one?

JC: We recorded it, but it's one of the tracks you haven't heard. They're great. We'll bring them out in different editions. There's one called 'I Am War', one called 'A Sick Sun (*A Sixth Sun?)'. There's also 'Time Wave', 'Feast of Fools', there's 'Suicide Tribe' which everyone loves except Geordie, but he's putting a new guitar on it - there's more than that! (laughs) The first album, there was only about thirty minutes. We've just done a sixty-five minute record and I love every track...

* Total 18 songs? [3.28 Jeremy Memo]
+ Ghost Of Ladbroke Grove (Clive Goddard Dub Remix)
+ Industrial Suicide Tribe (Justin K Broadrick Remix)

The Noise Cartel (London based promotions company ): Killing Joke - New Album Set for Sept 27th Plus UK Shows
‘Absolute Dissent’ will be released on a number on formats, including double coloured vinyl and a Deluxe 2-CD package; the latter will feature a bonus disc showcasing Killing Joke cover versions from bands such as Metallica, Helmet & Spinefarm labelmates Dead By April, whose version of ‘Love Like Blood’ was recently released as a digital single.

Midlands Rocks CD Reviews‎: Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent
two slower tracks “The Raven King” and “Honour The Fire” either of which could be said to be tributes to Paul Raven.

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