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Raziq Rauf

theQuietus wrote:
Jaz Coleman talks new Killing Joke LP Absolute Dissent, geopolitics & apocalypse. PLUS exclusive stream of 'Endgame' http://bit.ly/aTCKRR [check]

currently editing a massive interview with Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman: a guide to the new LP and expositions on the state of the planet [check]

Sonic Shocks wrote:
KILLING JOKE - A chat with JAZ COLEMAN [check]

Join us for a surreal afternoon with Mr Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke! http://fb.me/tQxJSOi8 [check]

Coming soon... interview with Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke [check]

Sonic Shocks reviews Killing Joke Absolute Dissent album, read it here and keep an eye on our page with an exclusive chat with Mr Jaz Coleman himself! [check1] [check2]

SONIC SHOCKS spent an amazing afternoon in the company of Mr JAZ COLEMAN from KILLING JOKE... We'll tell you everything tomorrow because we like you to suffer. Just a little. :D [check]

* Sonic Shocks Review: KILLING JOKE - Absolute Dissent

Slicing Up Eyeballs wrote:
ARTIST: Killing Joke
RELEASE: Industrial Suicide
BACKSTORY: The industrial juggernaut’s reunited original lineup this week issues what appears to be its five-track In Excelsis EP — which was released online earlier this year — on CD with a different title. The disc is a teaser for the band’s upcoming album, although that, too, has changed titles, from XIII: Feast of Fools to Absolute Dissent. [check]

* Really?

Ian Camfield wrote:
Just interviewed Jaz Coleman. He's great as ever, new Killing Joke album is brutal. It's called Absolute Dissent! Great title! [check]

* Ian Camfield: Xfm | The Xfm Rock Show with Ian Camfield

Nik Alexander (TotalRock Radio DJ) wrote:
ON AIR NOW at TotalRock.com 12-3pm(UK) Today I have Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke on the show! [check]

Raziq Rauf (Thrash Hits) wrote:
Off to chat to Jaz Coleman about prog and Latin. Obvz. [check]

#nowplaying Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent [check]

Absolute Fools Part 2
"Money Not Love" - Plastic Head Music Distribution

I am looking forward to Blizzard Of Ozz 30th Anniversary Edition.

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