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Yesterday, my good friend and long time musical comrade, Paul Raven, passed away suddenly. He and I toured the globe with Killing Joke, Murder Inc., Prong and Ministry over the last 17 years. We also toured together with Fear Factory/Godflesh and worked on numerous musical collaborations including Abstinence and Monster Voodoo Machine.

It is a great loss and the world will not be the same, but it will be a better place because of him, Rest In Peace my good friend, JB.


from 13th Planet - Paul Raven Tribute Page
John Bechdel
(Ministry keyboardist, False Icons vocalist)
"Although I too am shocked and deeply saddened at the tragic loss of such a close comrade, I can't help feeling joy because he truly lived life to the fullest. He touched so many lives in his brief time here. My mind is swimming with all the wonderful memories of him, my dear friend Paul Raven."

13th Planet - Paul Raven Tribute Page

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