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For those who may not be able to make it & wish to send flowers/messages of condolence the funeral home address in france is as follows: Georges Golliet s.a.s, 3 avenue de parmelan, 74000, annecy, france tel 0033 45 052 9104

On October 31st, 2007 at 3pm in the South Eastern French city of Annecy, which lies approximately 30 kms from Geneva Airport, there will be a service in the memory of the now truly larger than life, Mister Paul Vincent Raven. The fact that this service falls on the same day as Halloween, while appropriate, is simply a coincidence. No costume will be required. The family understands that the location of this first service (there will be others) will, for many of you, be prohibitive but would like to assure those loved ones and friends that are able to attend that they are very welcome. We intend to organise a wake at L'Usine ( the factory) in Geneva on the evening of the 31st. This is the club where Paul enjoyed his last night on earth. For those of you who have queries, please contact me at ravengundogs@yahoo.com or Mel at macfarlane20@hotmail.com. Further information will become clear in the next couple of days and you will be contacted via email as things progress. Those of us who have been with Paul this week will be taking time over the weekend to remember him and to help our families to organise their travel arrangements, so please make plans to join us between Monday and Wednesday, where possible. We hope you understand. Thanks again for your invaluable support.


Pompes Funèbres Annéciennes Georges Golliet, inhumation, crémation, funérarium

Agence Annecy
3 avenue du Parmelan - 74000 Annecy
Tél. : 04 50 52 91 04


"It deeply saddens me to tell you that legendary bass player and friend Paul Raven died yesterday morning of a heart failure in Geneva Switzerland at around 6am . Paul and myself were invited to play on the new Treponem Pal album in Geneva for a week.After a long day of recording the band went out for drinks to celebrate Paul..s arrival and reminisce .We then went back to the house we were staying and I went to bed the other guys stayed up . I found Raven a sleep in a chair the next morning in the living room.I thought nothing of it as Raven would sleep like this on the tour bus in the front lounge all the time.Then I looked closer at him and he looked very grey .I checked his pulse and there was none.I yelled for the other guys in the band .We immediately did some CPR and called for an ambulance .Medics arrived quickly but after an hour of trying to get his heart beat back they could not save him. They said he died in his sleep probably around 6 a.m. it was then 9:30 a.m. Marco and myself have been contacting his family all day yesterday.I..m assuming a funeral service will be held in Wolverhampton U.K. where his family live and his birth place. We made a lot of great music together. Words cant describe how I feel right now I..m devastated.He will be missed by many.He was the king of the one liners. Please send Raven and his family love and light. Ted PAUL RAVEN 1961-2007 LOVE AND LIGHT MY BROTHER"

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